"Your horse’s biggest problem is probably you. Your horse’s best solution is definitely you."

Leslie Roach, 1993

New options

We here at R&R New Options Equine, practice fear-free training.  We're not "old school," we break the rules not the horses.  We don't believe in pain/fear training, but we do believe in discipline.  

We are New Options not No Options.
We at New Options give thanks to all of the volunteers and those who have given support to us.

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 our very first silent auction

R&R New Options' very first auction was very successful. We raised $6287.75 and are extremely grateful to all that helped out and attended the auction. 

Interested in Horse Day Camp or Fred Meyers Community Rewards? Head to our Announcement page!

R&R New Options Horse Expo

Saturday July 26th, 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

G-BAR-G Event Arena

Located at: 22060 SE 442nd Ave. Sandy, Oregon

Demonstrations and Discussions 

Free lounging, Ground Driving,

Saddle-less, Bridle-less riding and Jumping,

Hoof Care

Silent Auction Items Include:

Hot Air Balloon Ride, Hotel Stays, Navajo Blankets,

Restaurant Certificates, Horse Tack and more!