Tonya and Sahara

Lexi Ray and Kajal 

Hayden and Galihad

Madison & "Sequoia"

Echo & "Salsa" 

Kay, her kids & "Whiskey Willow" 

Email Received from Kay " I am so thankful we were able to adopt a horse from you.  "Willow" is the best little horse I could have ever hoped for.  We love her.  Thank you for treating her so well.  She is just a lover because she has been treated with love and respect.  Thank you.  You have helped fill a longing an dram of mine to own a good horse, and she is the perfect companion for my little mule "Red".  I wanted my kids to grow up caring for horses the way I did.  There is something so special about a horse that draws out a willingness to work hard for their benefit;  the kids have hauled hay, weeded the pasture, put in new fences, cleaned stalls, and put in hours of hand blistering labor all with smiles on their faces.  Video games and TV are no where near as fun or satisfying spending time with our two equine friends.  "Red" & "Willow" have the whole family and our friends spending hours going for walks and rides through the woods and the neighborhood.  They draw people together where ever they go.  Grown men stop their cars to take pictures of the horse and mule and children come grinning from ear to ear up to us wanting to pet them!  They are both so bomb proof when it comes to kids, cars, and dogs that I can take them anywhere, with anyone on their back, any time of day (or night), and they enjoy it as much as I do.  I can't even put into words how deeply thankful I am to have found "Willow" and how much it means to me to have her in my life and in the lives of my kids and my mule.  She is PERFECT!"


Christine & "Shabaz"

have learned to trust each other through hard work and dedication.  Christine is very proud of her boy "Shabaz" and is continuing his training and rehabilitation to becoming an even more trusting and loyal companion.

McKenna & "Sentry"  

Sentry is my Sentry.  I don't even know what I would do if I didn't have him by my side.  Ever since I saw him I wanted him.  When I first asked about Sentry he was owned, so I sponsored him. I knew right from then I wouldn't let him go. He's always there when I need someone and comes to me when he is in the far corner of the field or when I call him.  I know that we have a bond.  Before I got to buy Sentry another lady was first in line to buy him if he ever went up for sale.  Thanks to Aunt Les I get to call him mine.  When people say we are meant for each other it makes me feel really happy and tearful. I love Sentry so much., and when people ask my what I do on Friday nights I get to say I 'm hanging with my bay. - McKenna 

Ari & Grace

are in love with each other!  They spend endless hours riding through the field at home!  Ari has her sights set on a career as a Equine Vet!!


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