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Melissa & "Charm" 

I can not recall a time when I did not love horses. Since I was a young girl they infiltrated my mind.  I remember the first day I came to R & R New Options, Charm pushed me into a corner and proceeded to chew on the sleeves of my jacket. I was simultaneously in a state of  shock and awe.  For some time I did not hear much of Charm, I worked with another horse for a while and after some time decided to choose from three different horses to see which one picked me and vise versa. I chose to work with the first and I never switched. I will never know what I was thinking when I answered Prince Charming, as my memory serves it was the first one that popped into my head and I am so glad it did.  Prince Charming and I worked together for over a year before my parents surprised me with him for my 15th birthday.  I will admit it has not been easy, Charm is an extremely smart horse.  When he gets bored he takes the distinct pleasure in playing with my mind.  There are times when we don't fully understand each other and he makes me want to scream, but with some help we get through it. We always get through it, and those times don't matter as much as all the others.  They don't stick with me as much as the smaller special moments, like when he comes up to me when I am in the field or in  the middle of winter when he lets me stick my hands under his coat and just stand for a minute next to him, absorbing some warmth and breathing in the smell of horse.  Those are the times when everything feels right, when nothing else matters.  Charm has plenty of quirks, he enjoys playing in the water trough and then getting me wet.  He can be stubborn, obnoxious, and have me going insane, but he has the softest eyes and I wouldn't change any of that, because I love him.  - Melissa


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